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Amazing service. Engaging and informative buyer who understands his profession. A good experience and result for me.

AJB-London 17th January 2020

Philllip and his daughter were utterly professional, polite and efficient, so the whole process was smooth and stress free. I was offered a price I was happy with, everything was clearly explained and the entire transaction was processed in a competent and warm manner. I felt confident that the sometimes daunting process (to a relative novice) of selling a diamond was being very well conducted. I would definitely buy and sell with Celsteel again and have no hesitation recommending them to others.

ESW-Bath 26th November 2019

The service from Phillip has been extremely professional and efficient. He explained the process in detail and provided me with the confidence to agree to price offered. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Phillip and Cesteel for anyone wishing to sell their valuable jewelry.

MH East Yorkshire

MH-East Yorkshire 29th October 2019