So you’re looking to get ahead of the style trends for 2019? We hope you’re ready to ditch subtlety because the 2019 jewellery trends are especially in-your-face! Much like fashion trends, jewellery styles come and go based on season and occasion. Statement pieces dominate one year, while understated pieces are in vogue the next; some outfits call for chandelier earrings, others a neck draped with diamonds.

For 2019, jewellery looks like it’s going to be big – in every sense of the word. It’s the year to be flamboyant, and more IS more when it comes to styling your accessories in 2019. Here at Celsteel, we have saved you some time by providing you with the lowdown on the jewellery trends of 2019.


Trends include everything from heavy, layered up necklaces to extra long dangling earrings. This includes strings of rope-like gold, silver and diamonds that come together to create a dramatic trend. Multiple rows and heavy linking are key to this trend, with the mixing of colour and styles making it highly versatile and easy to personalise.

A good example of this trend is Sheikha Mariam Khalifas’ new collection. This collection is full of styles designed to be worn together, from origami necklaces that can be piled together, to gemstone rings that combine to create a cluster of colour.

Coloured Gemstones

The coloured gem trend has been around for a while now and continues on into 2019. A mixture of large, colourful and eye-catching precious and semi-precious stones make up this trend, from large chunky gemstones that sit in necklaces and rings to multiple rows of coloured jewels that add dramatic dashes of colour.

Whether as the centrepiece or as side stones, coloured stones are becoming increasingly popular – especially thanks to the royals and their coloured diamond accessories. The most recent royal engagement was Princess Eugenie’s. The unique gemstone in her ring is a Padparadscha sapphire – a very rare type of sapphire. Its colour is a glowing blend of pink and orange, creating a sparkling peachy colour. Once accentuated with the white brilliance of diamonds, gemstones really can look the part. Add this trend with the layering trend and you’ll be spot on for 2019 fashion.

Engagement Ring Trends

Anything goes when it comes to diamond engagement ring trends, with pear and oval shapes gaining popularity, along with an uptick in coloured diamonds. People are becoming much more adventurous and modern with their designs, often eschewing the classic solitaire or three stone engagement ring. Here at Celsteel, we have noticed an increasing interest in fancy shaped diamonds (pushing the round brilliant off its top spot!) and increase demand for rose gold. Also, being unique is a growing engagement trend and so the rise of less classical designs, multiple bands, mixed metals and vintage rings are inevitably going to become more and more popular. Despite this, my advice for any secret proposal is to the keep it classic. This way, there will be nothing about the ring not to love and it will stand the test of time!

Vintage Jewellery

The line that divides antique and vintage jewellery from new pieces is blurring. Just like a lot of this season’s fashion looks, jewellery has dipped back into the style of the 1990s. Vintage jewellery pieces are particularly unique, and I suppose in their own way they are “timeless” in that their appeal transcends the dynamic fashion cycles. Popular styles today, include romantic and dainty rings, bold, geometric necklaces, and clean, minimal metal cuffs and earrings. And of course, you can’t forget the fabulous cocktail rings – not one, but several of course!

Wearing vintage jewellery can open doors for you to be unique and even casually over-the-top with accessories. We predict that people who don’t usually wear vintage jewellery will start to in 2019.

Conflict-Free Diamonds

While a variety of coloured gemstones will come into their own this year, diamonds will always remain “a girl’s best friend”. However, the need for conflict-free diamonds and gemstones positions itself high on the agenda for 2019, in an increasingly eco-aware society. Fortunately, Celsteel is a proud member of the NAJ (National Association of Jewellers). The NAJ is the UK’s leading jewellery trade association. Every NAJ member abides by the NAJ’s code of conduct, based on honesty, integrity and professionalism so you are able to gain peace of mind and confidence by purchasing from an NAJ member.

Over the years, diamond jewellery designs have changed significantly due to the discovery of new metals and diamond cutting techniques. It is often these new discoveries that inform the next years trends. However, even though ring designs might have changed and certain styles come in and out of fashion, a natural diamond remains an Earthly creation you can treasure forever.

Here at Celsteel, we offer an extremely large stock of diamonds in all shapes and sizes, please let me know if I can assist you in any way –