Let’s face it, you don’t buy precious diamond jewellery or those opal earrings for them to dull down, collect dust or even begin to fade in colour. It would be a detriment to you and your wallet if you had to go and get your gems professionally cleaned and a shame if you didn’t know about these DIY tips to keep your jewellery looking as bright as it did on the day you bought it.

Here at Celsteel, we’ve collected some tips to cleaning, protecting and storing your diamonds so they can shine forever.



It may sound tedious to clean your jewellery yourself right. It’s actually pretty easy and there are many ways to do it! All you need is basic household supplies…



Did you know that vodka/gin works as a really good jewellery cleaner? Actually, any white spirit would work for this, and good news for you out there, the higher percentage of alcohol the better. To get all that grubbiness/grease off of your diamonds and other precious gemstones is to pour yourself a small glass and let them sit for around 25 minutes, throughout this swirl the gem in the spirit for about 25 minutes. Once done dry it with a cloth gently and your diamonds should be dancing.


2. Swimming Pool

This next tip is a little risky, and we’ve all seen that episode of the Kardashians when Kim loses her diamond earring at sea. We won’t have you swimming out in open water for this one so not to worry. For this tip, all you need to do is wear your jewellery in the swimming pool, take the necessary care to not lose your jewellery whilst in the pool but the chlorine is actually really good for cleaning the gemstone.

Note: Avoid overexposure whilst in the pool to the chlorine, as it may end up damaging the metal. We recommend short sessions about 2-3 minutes and a dry towel to pat it down.


3. Antacids

Believe it or not, the antacids you take to calm your upset stomach make for a pretty good cleaner – and this is just as easy as the last method! Just get yourself a glass of warm water and put two tablets into it, once done you’ll start to get a fizzing effect.

Submerge your jewellery into the glass and let it sit for 5 minutes before removing, once you’re done, rinse your jewellery gently with a soft cloth. You’ll be able to watch the dirt and grime disappear before your eyes!


4. Laundry Detergent

If you had none of the other items to hand, don’t worry, you can even clean your jewels with laundry detergent! Your diamonds may become easily tainted over time, and luckily for you, your standard detergent can be used to polish your jewels. For this technique, you’re going to need some detergent that does not contain chlorine.


Mix the detergent into a bowl that is three-quarters of warm water, and submerge your jewellery into the mix you’ve made and gently scrub the piece to clear the dirt off it. Finally, dry it off with a cloth and you should have yourself a shiny ring, just like new.



There are steps you can take to look after them so they don’t get to the point where you have to restore them. Taking care of your priceless pendants and your diamonds is really just good etiquette.


1. Dress first, jewellery second

You should always get dressed first and then put on your jewellery second. Remember they’re accessories, so get your basics done first such as your makeup and then make sure that it’s set, before putting your jewels on. This way the unnatural oils from your skincare and makeup products won’t cause any discolouration.


2. Heat & Light

Just as too much exposure to heat and light can be harmful to our bodies and skin, the same can be said for some of our precious gemstones. Over time, too much exposure can cause the colour of your gems to fade or even damage in extreme cases – (amethyst and topaz are particularly prone to this!). Whilst these gems can lighten with exposure, some may actually darken over time, for example, amber.


3. Variation is key

With the exception of your best quality diamond, jewellery, the same piece of jewellery isn’t supposed to be worn every day. Unfortunately, heavy wear of the same jewellery can harm it. To preserve your jewellery, it is recommended to vary what you wear, keeping your style fresh and preserving your jewels for as long as possible. However, if you just can’t part with your favourite necklace, be sure you’re following our care guide above!


4. How to store correctly

Just like your smartphone, your jewellery is expensive. You should ensure you are taking care when storing your jewellery, just as you would with your phone. You wouldn’t put your phone in the same pocket as you put your keys for instance, so the same care should be practised with your jewellery. – If you’re putting all of your jewellery into one drawer and you have a pile of necklaces, rings and earrings all jumbled together will make them prone to scratches, chipping, knots and even cause them to break.

Your jewellery should be kept somewhere that is dry and clean and preferably somewhere that has fabric lining so it will be soft on your jewels. Treat yourself to a lovely jewellery box and keep your rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and watches stored separately for their protection!

When you buy a new necklace or ring you will be handed it in a case or a soft, sometimes velvet, pouch. You may mindlessly throw these pouches away, however, these pouches are by far the best way to store your jewellery as they have been designed to specifically cater for the product and ensuring it is properly cared for.


These were just a few helpful DIY tips on how to preserve and give care to your jewellery, that will keep your diamonds in pristine condition for as long as you live!

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